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          (Ⅳ) Series of Transformer Tester
          1. HRYDJ (W) Series of High-voltage Tester of AC & DC (Non-partial Discharge) for Light Oil-immersed Transformer

          Technical parameter:
          HRYDJ(W)series are made of high-quality materials, which contribute to its low losses, small volume, little weight, compact construction and convenience. It is widely used in power & electric system, research institutes, and large mining factories to do the tests of AC & DC withstand capability and insulating materials’ characteristic for any kinds of high-low voltage power equipments, power cables, generator, etc. Testing transformer is divided into tow kinds of voltage: single-stage and cascade. Special order is also available.
          Rated capacity: 1.5-1500kVA Output voltage: 1-1500kV

          Output voltage 50kV 100kV 150kV 200kV 250kV 300kV 500kV 1000kV 1500kV
          Output voltage 200V 200V 400V 600V 600V 600V 3.3kV 3.3kV 3.3kV
          Partial discharge of Rated capacity ≤10pC ≤10pC ≤10pC ≤10pC ≤10pC ≤10pC ≤10pC ≤10pC ≤10pC
          Impedance voltage <8% <8% <8% <10% <10% <10% <10% <10% <10%
          no-load current ≤4% ≤4% ≤4% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5%
          waveform distortion <3% <3% <3% <3% <3% <3% <3% <3% <3%

           Control Console (Cabinet)
          As the corollary equipment of testing transformer, it obtains lots of characteristics, such as great performance, small volume, little weight, reliability, over-current self-protection and non-zero switching-in prevention.
          Rated Capacity: 1.5-6 kVA (cabinet), 6-1500kVA(console)
          Input voltage of control cabinet: AC220V Output voltage of control cabinet: 0-250V
          Input voltage of control console: AC380V Output voltage of control console: 0-430V (0-650V)

          2. HRGB Series of Single-phase, Three-phase Isolated Transformer and Rectifying Transformer   3. HRGTB Series of Special Dry-type Tester of High-voltage Transformer
          It is mainly used as the power source of the electric loading request and power & electric isolation for power system and industrial enterprises, which can transform alternating current into magnetoeclectric; and as the precise measuring tester for anti-interference system it cleans the isolated equipment of power and gird.

          Isolated transformer: HRGB(D)/(S)single-phase/ three-phase, oil-immersed-type and dry-type
          Input or output voltage: (D)220V(380V) two line , (S)380V
          Isolated voltage:  3KV,5KV,10KV,
          No-load current: <5%
          Impedance voltage: <7%
          Potential Isolation: single shielding or double shielding
          Special mark: 50KV,100KV,200KV,300KV,500KV,700KV,1000KV (it can be set freely.)
          Input & output voltage of HRGB(G)is high-voltage: 1KV,2KV,3KV,5KV,10KV-100KV……
          Capacity: 0-5、10、15、20、30、50、100-1000KVA……
          Rectifying transformer:HRZB(D)/(S)
          The voltage and the capacity of input and output are based on clients’ requests. There are two kinds of products: the oil-immersed ones and the dry ones.

            Rated capacity: 1-50kVA; Output voltage: 1-250kV (tandem)
          4. HRYDQ (W) Series of High-voltage Tester of Industrial Frequency Non-partial Discharge for Ultra-light-type Gas-filled-type Transformer
                Introduction of A and B
          As the only one of applying the SF6 gas-isolated technology, it replaces the oil-immersed transformer by the small volume, light weight, stabilization, and little-current of partial discharge. The voltage capacity of single transformer can even reach 1000kVA/1000kV. It’s also environment-friendly, free of maintenance, long using term, and excellent performances.

          As the national new product and patented product, it’s particularly applicable in partial discharge test of 110kV and 220kV electrical devices.

          And it’s the new generation of ideal high-voltage testing devices with two kinds of products, the metal & dielectric shell and the singe –stage & cascade voltage. It can also be used in the environment of cold and high latitude districts, like altiplanocie

          Output voltage 50kV 100kV 150kV 200kV 250kV 300kV
          Input voltage 200V 200V 400V 400V 400V 400V
          Rated voltage of Partial discharge ≤5pC ≤5pC ≤5pC ≤5pC ≤5pC ≤5pC
          Impedance voltage <8% <8% <8% <10% <10% <10%
          No-load current ≤4% ≤4% ≤4% ≤5% ≤5% ≤5%
          Waveform distortion <3% <3% <3% <3% <3% <3%
          Air pressure(Mpa) 0.4 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
            C. Control Cabinet (Console) and Numerical Control Console for Testing Transformer  
               As upgrade replacement of high-voltage testing equipment, this kind of testing transformer console applies the automatic control of microcomputer, which is especially useful in automatically controlling system of high-voltage tester of non-partial discharge. It is the first testing console ever made in china, which makes high-voltage testing easier to carry out.

          1. Numerical control and manual control
          2. Microcomputer to control adjustable voltage speed and output voltage.
          3. Multiple over-current and over-voltage protection
          4. Automatic discharge voltage recorder
          5. Preset operating data through keyboard
          6. timer-setting (automatically or manually)

            D. Series of Complete Set of High-voltage Tester of Insulated Barrel Industrial Frequency Non-partial Discharge for Gas-filled-type Transformer  
            Air-filled non-partial discharge power frequency ultra-light high-voltage testing transformer

          Output voltage: 50-1600kV
          Output capacity:  1-1200kVA

          5.HRTNZD(S)Series of Electrical Plunger Voltage Regulator   6. HRBSQ (SLQ/DDG) Series of Portable and Adjustable Current Amplifier
          DC Large current generator(DC Adjust the large current generator) HRBSQ(JZ)
                Introduction: It is a kind of contact ratio autotransformer which can adjust load voltage within rated voltage. This series of products are well designed because they adopt UK imported A brush for voltage adjusting parts. With strict quality control during production, this kind of device is very small, light, with low waveform distortion, low noise, and low temperature.

          Technical parameter:
          Capacity: 5、10、16、20、25、30、40、50、80、100、125、160……1500kVA
          Maximum of phase of input and output:
          Single phase: 220/0-250V,380V/0-430V
          Three-phase: 380V/0-430(650)V
          Notes: Direct output would be high voltage if not set.

                Current amplifier which thermally stabilizes electrical devices is a kind of current source for testing use. For example, it can be used as low-voltage super-current source in motion stability test and temperature rising test of air circuit breaker, contactor, relay, and bus-bar. In addition, it can also be used as check current source of current transformer. Current amplifier, no matter if it’s the single phase or the three phase, the AC current or the DC current, is consisted of super-current generator (transformer), regulator and controller.

          Output : AC3-12V、50-50000A
          Working hour:
          For rated voltage output, then working hour would be 2.5 minutes.
          For 1/4 of rated voltage output, then working hour would be used in a long time.

          7. HRYDXB Series of Resonance High-voltage Tester of Industrial Frequency (tandem, parallel) for Transformer
          ★The Technical document of HRB(F/L)XZ Resonance Withstand Equipment of Abnormal Frequency Tandem, Parallel
          8. HRHJ/HRHL All Series of Standard Accurate Voltage (Current) Transforme
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